Hi Mark

I wanted to *Thank You* for the wonderful performance that was given to our patients and staff. Everyone returned to the unit with smiles and a sense of good cheer to start off the holiday season. As of yesterday, Gracie was still talking about it, and Philomena was requesting that you return at some point. The patients and families were very appreciative and impressed by your enthusiasm and energy. As they say, " a wonderful time was had by all". Thank You

Director, Therapeutic Recreation

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for performing for Rusk Rehabilitation patients. It has been almost a week, since you visited us, and I still hear patients talking about the good time and music you brought to us. They really enjoyed the songs they could identify with, the interesting sounds, and the way you were able to recognize each and every individual in the audience. One of the comments I heard more than once was: ‘I wish I could dance’. Although, not on their feet, you made patients and visitors dance. Wheelchairs did not stop them from tapping the parts of their bodies that could move.
Thank you very much for bringing smiles and taking away pain. I hope that you would visit us again soon.


Sr.Recreation Therapist

Dear Mark,

It was truly OUR pleasure to have you entertain our patients and their guests at Burke on July 23! I thank you, on behalf of the sizable audience you attracted. There were many smiles generated, lots of memories stimulated, and quite a few notes hummed! We are grateful for your generosity in sharing your musical talent and sense of humor.

Just yesterday, I overheard the grandmother of the little boy to whom you sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” telling some other patient how much fun the afternoon was.

Good luck with all your endeavors with Volunteer Music. Of course, you can use my name as a reference.

We look forward to another musical afternoon in the future!

Therapeutic Recreation Director

Senior Residence

Dear Mark,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful performance you gave last night at the Hebrew Home for The Aged. Our residents were charmed by your wit and enthusiasm, as well as your warm, rich voice. The material you presented was something out of the mainstream of what is usually offered in concert here, and it was a refreshing change to hear those old folksongs and pop tunes of the sixties. Again, thank you for sharing the gift of your music with us. I look forward to having your return and entertain us again in the future!

Sincerely, Event Coordinator, Dept. of Therapeutic Activities

Summer Camp

Dear Mark,

On behalf of all of the staff and campers at Camp Main Idea 2006- we give you a huge standing ovation for all of your hard work, talent, and enthusiasm. Your contribution made a huge difference in this summers program, as well as the musical future for years to come at Main Idea. Many girls performed songs and dance at the talent show that they had rehearsed with YOU! Thank you for everything that you did! You helped dreams come true for future performers. Take care and keep on singing!

Best, Main Idea, Director

Civic Initiatives(Preservation)

The LPC needs greater transparency with landmark proceedings, independence from development pressures, & increased resources indeed. Composing a catchy song about the need for preservation with inspiring lyrics is very original. Way to go, singer/songwriter Mark Foley and the CECPP! Keep up your superb work!

Preservation Council, Chair

Civic Initiative(Conservation)

From the Letters to the Editor section, White Plains Times, August 11, 2006

Thank you for your kind coverage of our music fest, Rhythm ‘n Woods, to raise awareness of the need to continue the fight for our local open space. I’d like to also especially thank Mark Foley of Volunteer Music for going the extra mile when performing, showing his enthusiasm and spirit of the cause by composing a personalized “Ballad of the Railside Woods” for us. For me, personally, it is a soothing and empathetic song for a neighborhood which is saddened by the sale of a chunk of the woods in our midst….

President, Neighborhood Association


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