Working With Us



There is no fee for a Volunteer Music performance, benefiting an underserved community or a worthy civic initiative. Nor is there an implied expectation of a donation to the initiative.

If you know of a community or civic initiative that could use our help, please contact us.

Alternatively, you can offer your time, talents, contacts or expertise.


Are you associated with a community that would benefit from a free concert(school, ‘outreach’ program, community service organization, hospital, charity, senior citizens residence, etc.)?

Are you affiliated with a civic initiative whose aims could be advanced by live music(i.e. green space conservation, historical preservation, etc.)?

Do you have a business that might donate materials or services(audio/video/internet production, printing, legal and accounting services, etc.)?

Of course, Volunteer Music also generates expenses -- and this may limit how many engagements we can currently accept. If you prefer to help defray these expenses, you may send a donation, payable to Volunteer Music, to:

Volunteer Music
316 West 104th Street
New York, New York 10025


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